Family Parameters

Revit Family Parameters play a crucial role in making families flexible and reusable, and today we take the first step in deeply integrating family parameters in the easy to use Revit Family App.

Family parameters are managed globally for each family, and are accessible via the element explorer on the left side of the editor.

When selecting a family parameter, all elements that use that parameter are highlighted as shown in the above screenshot, which helps you to quickly manage the usage of family parameters.

Add Family Parameter

To add a new family parameter click on the button (...) next to the "Family Parameters" section title, which right now adds a new material parameter.

The newly added family parameter is selected and shows the related properties in the properties panel on the right side ode the editor.


Like any other element you can change the default name to something more descriptive. This name will be the actual parameter name within the Revit Family parameter dialog and needs to be unique.


You can select if the family parameter shall be a type or instance parameter.


For now, the group selection is limited to Materials, which represents the group the family parameter will be shown within the Revit Family parameter dialog.

Value Type

For now, the parameter type is limited to Material.

Element Material Parameters

Once you've added one or more family parameters, you can select them as element specific material parameter for the following element types:
- Frame
- Mullion
- Panel
- Sill

Material parameters are just the first step and other parameter types will follow soon, allowing you to quickly create a fully parametric Revit Family.

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