First Week after launch

Revit Family App for Windows was launched just 1 week ago, and yet it feels much longer. It has been a busy week, receiving tons of feedback and ironing out some of the rough edges, that just surfaced once the product got widely used by real users beyond the testing during the initial early access.

One topic that's coming up repeatedly is "What is Revit Family App?", and how it's different to what Revit users are used to.

I thought a good way to explain "what it is" and "how it works", would be to actually show it in action, which is why I started to record screencasts.

So far I published:
- Revit Family App - Getting Started
- Revit Family App - Setting up a "Sash Window"
- Revit Family App - Layouts

Those two screencasts focus very much on giving a general overview, so the next few screencasts will focus more deeply around particular features, like layouts, frames and new features.

Besides the screencasts, I'm answering all the feedback & support emails that came in during that week, which is a great way of learning how users relate to this new approach of creating Revit Families and what's the best way of explaining it.

But that's not all, we have also been working on new features, improvements and various bug fixes.


Reorder elements

This feature has been high up on the priority list, as it improves the productivity to create and modify window families a lot.

I've experienced the need and value of this feature myself while testing and recording screencasts. I would start out with a setup including nested elements and recognise the need for another root element in the process, which often meant deleting a few nested elements.

Now you can add elements and just drag them into the right place, including entire nested structures.


The app assigns the appropriate subcategory to every element, however there are use cases where you could for example use a frame element to create a window trim (actually something I'd like to show in one of the next screencasts).

The new subcategory property allows you to change the default subcategory to what you want it to be. This applies individually to every element.

Visibility control

Now you can control the detail levels as well as views that every element is displayed in.


Report link for family issues

The creation of the Revit family files can fail and while we do our very best to capture those issues and resolve them as quickly as possible, we also wanted to give you a way to let us know and get in touch with us.

You will now see that Report Issue link that you can click to send us a prepared email with all the info we need to investigate and resolve the issue.

Email links for feedback & support in editor

You can now find Feedback and Support links to reach out to us, in the bottom left corner of the editor preview. I'd love to know what you think of the app and if there is anything I can help you with.


Vertical Mullion position in family

We fixed an issue where vertical mullions with references other than center would be wrongly positioned in the generated Revit family.

Panel position in family

We fixed an issue where panels with references other than center would be wrongly positioned in the generated Revit family.

Material parameters weren't duplicated

We fixed an issue where custom material parameters wouldn't be copied over when duplicating an existing window setup.

Panels in layout with multiple layout lines

We fixed an issue where multiple panels within a layout divided by multiple layout-lines would be wrongly positioned in the editor preview and in the generated Revit family.

Frame sweep with different profile dimensions

We fixed an issue where frame sweeps would not be closed correctly for frames with different profile dimensions.

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