What is the Revit Family App? The Revit Family App (RFA) is a web app, that allows you to setup Revit families in a visual editor. Because it's a web app, you can create families for Revit & Revit LT and you can do that from any computer operating system, not just Windows.

How is that different to the Revit Family Editor? The Revit Family App (RFA) allows you to setup your families in a much simpler and faster way without needing to know how to create Revit families. You select the elements that you need, set their properties (with realtime preview) and the app handles all the complexity for you.

What Revit versions do you support? Right now all families are created for Revit 2018 which are compatible with later Revit versions including the latest Revit 2021. We will add more Revit versions in the coming weeks.

Can it? Will it? Does it?

Can I use the app with Revit LT? Yes, it's a web app, and the family files created are regular Revit families which can be used in Revit and Revit LT. No Add-in needed.

What families can I create? At the moment you can only create window families. We will open early access for door families in Q2/2021.

What window families can I create? Basically any window you can think of as long as its outer shape is a rectangular. That includes fix windows, casement windows, sash windows and sliding windows. We are working on round shapes and arcs, so stay tuned for those.

What unit system does it support? The app supports metric and imperial units. You can set the unit (millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters, decimal_feet, decimal_inches) that you want to enter your values in the editor and you can set the the unit (metric, imperial) when you generate the actual family file.

What languages does it support? Currently the app only supports English.

What families are included? Revit Family App (RFA) is a tool to easily create families and not a collection of ready families. However, we offer a series of templates that you can use as starting point, so you don't start from scratch.

Import & Transition

Can I import existing families? No, the Revit Family App (RFA) treats families in all sorts of special ways, so off-the-shelf families can't be imported. However, we are working on an import for All-in-One families, so stay tuned for those.

Trial, Pricing, Payments

Can I try the app for free? Yes, you can create an account for free and the first 5 families are on us.

How am I charged? You setup your families in the Revit Family App's visual editor, which is entirely free. That means you can setup as many families as you want, without being charged. Once your family is setup, you can generate the actual Revit Family file for it, which is what gets charged with 1 credit for each successfully generated Revit family file.

How much does it cost? 1 credit = 1USD, however you can purchase credit packs which save you up to 20%.

Are there any recurring costs? You only pay for actual Revit family files created. So no recurring costs other than the credits that you purchase.

Are taxes included in the price? No. Any taxes we collect are in addition to the stated prices.

Do you bill in local currencies? We only bill in US Dollars. We’ll consider alternate pricing down the road, but for now USD is it.

Have another question? Send us an email at support@revitfamily.app and we’ll help you out.